Posted on: June 28, 2009 10:18 pm

Joey Logano's the Lucky Dog from beginning to end

Despite an accident, being a lap down, and the race being rained out, Joey Logano still managed to become the youngest driver to ever "win" a race in NASCAR Sprint cup history.

I was sitting just at turn four so I didn't see what happened to the number 20 car, but Logano had to pit unexpectedly about midway through the race. He wound up getting lapped by the leaders but thanks to the lucky dog rule, Logano managed to get himself back on the lead lap. Then the rain came.

With about 50 laps left the crowd had already started leaving. Logano wasn't even leading the race at this point but it was quite obvious the rain was coming and the best car wasn't going to win. You can't even really call it pit strategy, Logano lucked into his position. Still, the kid managed to stay in the lead and take home a trophy, congratulations to him.

Still, a couple drivers today proved that, over the long haul, they're still the one's to beat. It was pretty obvious Jeff Gordon had one of the best, if not the best, car on the track today, Kurt Bush is still a driver to be reckoned with, and, despite being a driver for a new team, one he partially owns, Tony Stewart looks like he'll be in serious contention for the cup.
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